1. How can I have assistance?
The assistance and after-sales service takes place directly in our factory.


Via Santa Maria, 2 – 20014 Nerviano (Milano) – ITALY
Telephone: +39 0331 415315
Fax:  +39 0331 584114

Opening times:
Monday-Friday, from 08.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 17.30


2. What are warranty characteristics?
The warranty is valid 24 months for the end customer, 12 months for retailers.
For more information about that send email at


3. Where can I find accessories and spare parts?
For more information about Robiaplast accessories and spare parts  send email at


4. Shipment and delivery time?
The shipment costs are borne by the recipient and delivery times depend on the destination place and on the quantities ordered.


5. In which countries can you ship?
It is possible to make shipments worldwide.


6. Minimum order quantities?
Our company’s flexibility allows us to fulfil even orders including a few units. For further information you can contact us by telephone +39 0331 415315 or send an email at


7. What does it come to distributors with the first order?
The first order is accompanied by the products catalogue, the technical data sheets and the exploded drawings of components; upon request we also provide CE and EMC certifications test reports.


8. Are custom price lists made available?
Yes, custom price lists are available, depending on the quantity ordered and required accessories. For further information you can contact us by telephone +39 0331 415315 or send an email at


9. Where are the appliances manufactured?
All our appliances are manufactured, tested and assembled at our factory located in Nerviano (Milan). Safety and quality are guaranteed by over 40 years of experience we have gained in the field.