Currently to directly act on mechanics and electronics of products can be difficult, or even impossible, especially if we talk about standardized serial production on a large scale.

Ro.Bia.Plast has chosen to maintain a productive size that allows you to benefit of a number of advantages in terms of assistance and satisfaction of the acquired customer:

  • in-house final inspections are carried out on each individual part and on the assembled product
  • all equipment, prior to shipment, are tested in our laboratories
  • the engineering of products has been designed in such a way so that they are completely separable in order to carry out any type of check
  • we have developed a series of procedures that allow to repair or replace any part of the product

Each customer is assigned a dedicated business and technical contact person, who constantly supports you for whatever issue, offering you advice and helping you to adopt the correct solution to each specific situation.

We directly manufacture our products so we can supply any spare parts and if necessary act on the malfunctioning product directly in our internal workshop. If you already have a structure able to act on this kind of issues we can offer training on specific details.

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