Customisation & Private label

Customisation & Private label

Nowadays customisation is of capital importance for meeting the different needs of customers; at Ro.Bia.Plast we know it very well and for this reason we can customize in different ways our appliances.

A brand is expression of the soul of a company: that’s why we offer the Private Label service, by placing your logo on the shell of the appliances through the silk-screen printing.

In addition to the logo, we can customize also the colours of the products shell according to your needs, so that they will adapt to your company colours or your products line. We can manufacture our appliances with the colours you prefer or varnish them to achieve the glossy or opaque effect.

We usually supply our appliances with standard equipment, but it can vary depending on the type of product that you are going to buy. In case the standard equipment did not satisfy your needs or your customers’ needs, or in case you wanted a specific accessory rather than another, you can specify yourself the accessories you desire and create thus your own selection of equipment.

For example, our steam cleaners are supplied with a steam iron, but if you don’t need this item, it won’t be included in the packaging. The same goes for the accessories of our vacuum line: you can choose yourself the most suitable range of accessories for your needs.

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