Dry steam cleaning: how to proceed

Steam cleaning is rightly considered one of the most effective and ecological methods to ensure the complete sanitization of all spaces. In particular, cleaning using dry steam is a practical, efficient and “green” solution to manage, with a single work tool, all surfaces without using any chemical products.

But how does dry steam cleaning work?

To correctly answer this question, we must first remember what exactly dry vapor is. The term identifies the so-called “saturated vapor“, a typical condition that a fluid reaches when it is in perfect balance between its liquid state and its gaseous state. Water microparticles in suspension are still present at this stage, but their size is so reduced to become almost imperceptible.

To obtain dry steam, the boiler will have to generate steam between 140 and 180 Celsius degrees. The pressure should be between 6 and 10 Bars to create microparticles of water equal to 5% of the total steam volume.

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The benefits of dry steam cleaning

Dry steam cleaning guarantees a series of remarkable benefits. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

  • Sustainability: steam cleaning doesn’t require chemicals that could be harmful to the environment and is hence way more sustainable and ecological than other traditional methods.
  • Harmless to people and animals: by not using chemicals, this method is considered non-dangerous for human beings and animals.
  • High cleanliness: guaranteed by the combination of the absorbing power of the water microparticles and steam delivery pressure.
  • Natural solvent: since water is a natural solvent, its micro-drops delivered with the steam prevent dirt from dispersing in suspension, facilitating its removal.
  • Sanitizing capacity: thanks to high temperatures, steam cleaning creates a real thermal shock that neutralizes potentially pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, molds, mites, etc.
  • Low resource consumption: no useless waste of water, unlike traditional cleaning methods that involve a large amount of wastewater.
  • Versatility: you can use dry steam for a deep cleaning of all surfaces in your home, including textiles and delicate objects, getting rid of traditional detergents.


How to clean using dry steam

Now that we have explained why dry steam cleaning is more beneficial than traditional cleaning, let’s take a look at how to proceed.

Compared to standard cleaning methods, which provide for the physical removal of all visible dirt, eventual pre-washing, cleansing and cleaning, rinsing and eventually drying and likely disinfecting, cleaning with saturated steam is simple and more immediate.

Proceed as follows:

  • Remove all visible dirt from all surfaces (e.g. dust) using a rag and detergent, where necessary.
  • Clean using exclusively dry steam, the only treatment for all your surfaces
  • Dry the surface using a simple cloth or by exposure to the sun.

That’s it. Simple and effective!

In addition, wet and dry heat are considered perfect physical sanitation methods to eliminate dangerous pathogens from any surface. For any sanitizing process, dry steam is therefore the ideal choice.


Dry steam cleaning: what we can do for you

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