Dual steam system

Dual steam system

The exclusive patented STEAM SPRAY system represents the latest and biggest innovation in the world of ironing systems. Apart from the large amount of steam coming from the soleplate, it is also possible to have a powerful steam burst that comes from the front of the iron.

This steam burst is more intense than the drier steam coming from the soleplate and thus it allows ironing even heavier fabrics easily and quickly, allowing you to save a lot of time. The steam jet penetrates deep into the items eliminating false creases and wrinkles. Using STEAM SPRAY is recommended for pronounced edges and near buttons and zips.

Dual steam system

With a simple button it is also possible to release steam in continuous mode to iron larger areas even faster.

For a truly perfect result, it would be appropriate to avoid as much as possible the formation of folds and thus act at the base of the problem: it is therefore recommended to halve the centrifuges, immediately remove the laundry from the washing machine and shake it well before hanging it to dry.

The STEAM SPRAY system is completely environmentally friendly because the simple power of the steam allows obtaining excellent results without the use of additional chemicals.

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