House cleaning today

House cleaning today

The benefits of using Robiaplast products in everyday situations

Nowadays, you know, time is by far the most precious thing we have and use it in full in house cleaning and gardening does not please anyone. But no one likes nor dwell among the dust, cobwebs and dirt!

Where is the solution? We have the answer to your question: our Ro.Bia.Plast appliances!
Our vacuum cleaners and full optional irons were specifically designed to make it easier, less tiring and faster the house cleaning. A task nobody particularly loves. The result? Less time to devote to cleaning, a crystal clean house, respect for nature and guaranteed savings!

Vacuuming and Blowing

Where is the point of having a separated vacuum cleaner and blower when you can have them combined in a single device? One of the solutions we offer is our Multiuso 2 in 1 whose strength is its simplicity of use: it not only allows you to collect dust from hidden corners, retaining it inside the inner paper bag with triple filtration system, but also helps to inflate balloons / rubber boats / inflatable pools etc… as well as to free up the driveway of the house from fallen leaves: very soon you’ll forget both broom and rake.

Vacuuming liquids

When it rains do you get water in the garage or the basement flooded? Your kids love playing in the bathtub splashing water everywhere? Calesse allows you to suck liquids in a completely safe way, in addition to blowing and vacuuming dust, therefore forgetting mop and bucket, but above all saving time.

The power of steam

And now we come to the glass and tiles in kitchen and bathroom.

No one knows why, but the glass and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom are always the first to get dirty… a raindrop, a sketch of fat and a hint of lime scale force us immediately to remedy those pesky halos. Here you can count on Brillo-Vap our small and lightweight steam generator, ideal for everyday cleaning. Its dimensions and low weight makes it ideal for daily use: just an instant to see your windows and tiles shine like never before!

Ro.Bia.Plast: solutions, innovations and tips, let us know your opinion!

No matter what your problem in managing domestic cleaning: we help you to solve it in the fastest possible way, obtaining the best result with minimum effort. Do you have any special needs we didn’t think of and/or suggestions aimed at improving our products?

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