How to use a steam vacuum cleaner

In order to understand how to properly use a steam vacuum cleaner, it is first important to understand what this equipment is and how it works.

The steam vacuum cleaner can be considered one of the most important appliances in every environment, as its function of extracting steam allows a deep cleaning and the elimination of all bacteria present on the surface. Knowing how to use a steam vacuum cleaner is therefore especially crucial in environments where carpets or textile flooring are present. However, this equipment is also suitable for the deep cleaning of floors, soft furnishings and upholstery. Remember that the remaining moisture and any residual of dirt is extracted and sucked up the very steam vacuum cleaner.

  1. How to use a steam vacuum cleaner: read the instructions | Generally, all vacuum cleaners function the same way. In any case, we strongly advice you to read the instructions accompanying your model very carefully, and to get in touch with the manufacturers for further information, if needed.
  2. How to use a steam vacuum cleaner: fill with water | All steam vacuum cleaners operate with water,. You will have to remove the container where water needs to be placed, in order for the steam cleaner mechanism to operate properly. Fill the tank making sure not to exceed the maximum level.. Then reinstall the container back in its place.
  3. How to use a steam vacuum cleaner: plug in and start cleaning | Once the machine is ready to go, all you will have to do is plug the steam cleaner to the electrical source and start rubbing any desired surface with it. Move in a regular way and in the same direction, then alternate the motion in order to remove all dirt and clean the carpet fibers. This process can be repeated several times, treating specific areas for carefully in case of persistent stains.
  4. How to use a steam vacuum cleaner: let the surfaces dry | At the end of the deep cleaning process, the treated surfaces will have to dry properly. Create natural air circulation by opening the doors and windows if you want to speed up the process.
  5. How to use a steam vacuum cleaner: discard the remaining water | After usage, make sure to take care of your equipment properly by discarding any water or soap left in the container. Then, proceed by wiping, cleaning and drying the tank before reinstalling it in its slot.

Vacuum cleaners that use water filtration

Vacuum cleaners that use water filtration, also known as water filter vacuum cleaners, are becoming more and more popular in recent years because of their excellent performance and often sleek design.

The main difference between a classic steam vacuum cleaner and a vacuum cleaner that use water filtration resides, of course, in the filtration system. This equipment uses water, as opposed to a traditional man-made filter, to filter out dirt and debris. In vacuum cleaners that use water filtration, there are special water compartments designed to absorb the dirt once it is sucked up. The more dirt the machine absorbs, the dirtier the water will be – a sign that the machine is working.

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