Ironing with steam

Ironing!? It is no longer a problem!

The iron, whether you like it or not, is irreplaceable. Shirt, vest, jacket or skirt without a crease… How do you get a perfect ironing?

Irons have much improved, since our grandmothers filled them with embers to heat the plate! Modern steam irons with boiler by Ro.Bia.Plast will allow you to save time ensuring perfect garments in all respects.

Ironing is an art, to which we can all aspire applying some simple tricks, and that’s why we have compiled for you a little list of advice and some tips on techniques to be used with every type of fabric and for every type of clothing.


When ironing?
The morning is the best time because with daylight you can better notice possible stains, halos and small creases.

Before ironing
Before hanging up the wet linen carefully shake every garment, this operation allows you to extend the fibres of the fabric, then obtaining optimal conditions for perfect ironing.

If you decide to iron later, neatly fold the dry linen, so avoiding creases that turn out to be difficult to press at that time! A spoon of salt added in the last rinsing will help smooth sliding of the iron.

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