What is the best nebulizer for sanitization?

Nebulizers for sanitization are among the most interesting tools to protect the healthiness of the most diverse spaces and surfaces. Many offers are available, ranging from the most advanced and professional machinery to household appliances for domestic use, and the choice could at times be difficult.

Generally speaking, our first advice when choosing the best nebulizer for sanitization involves is intended use: will it be used in a house? In an office? In a workshop? On large surfaces and spaces? This primary key factor will allow you to reduce the range of available products and better identify the most suitable for your needs.

However, when choosing the best nebulizer for sanitization, you will also need to consider the current requirements in sanitizing the spaces where we live and work. Compared to the past, sanitization is no longer an operation that can be conducted occasionally, but rather a process that should be carried out on a regular basis to protect our spaces from potentially pathogenic microorganisms such as molds, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mites and so on.

How should we proceed, then? Here are Ro.Bia. Plast’s suggestions. Our team is always at your disposal if you have a business specializing in selling steam sanitization appliances and are looking for a manufacturer that can meet your needs.


The difference between cleaning, sanitization and disinfection

Before purchasing a nebulizer for sanitization, it is essential to understand the difference between three terms that are too often considered synonyms: cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection.

Here’s a quick and practical breakdown:

  • Cleaning: it includes the necessary operations to eliminate the so-called “visible dirt” from the surfaces, and is the basic condition to satisfy before proceeding with further treatments.
  • Sanitization: also known as sanitation, is a level of detergency, i.e. cleanliness, which involves reducing (but not zeroing) the microbial load within an environment, decreasing it to levels that are not dangerous for people and animals.
  • Disinfection: it is the set of operations that change according to the specific industry (medical, dental, veterinary, food, chemical, etc.) and aims to obtain a minimum coefficient of reduction of the microbial load (equal to almost 100%).

Please note that sanitization and even more so disinfection can be carried out using different technologies, such as heat or steam.


How to choose your perfect nebulizer for sanitization

Before choosing your perfect nebulizer for sanitization, make sure with its manufacturer or retailer that the machinery can reduce the charge of microorganisms to levels that the law considers “safe“.

Your purchase should always be oriented toward high-quality sanitizing nebulizers, possibly of the professional type, and operating through agents that are active by contact with the surfaces. Therefore, the size of microparticles and the spraying capacity will also be included in the list of key factors to consider.

Your nebulizer should also be able to guarantee homogeneous spraying through the release of tiny misting particles and be equipped with special accessories to make dispensing easier (for example, a lance and/or a gun).

Finally, always ask for product certifications and tests.

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