Small steam vacuum cleaner

Are you looking for the best small steam vacuum cleaner for your everyday needs?

Did you take a look at the many solutions offered by Ro.Bia.Plast, the leading company in the manufacturing and supplying of the most advanced vacuum cleaning systems?

small steam vacuum cleaner is the perfect equipment for a quick and efficient cleaning of virtually any type of surface. Choosing one of the many products by Ro.Bia.Plast, you will have the chance benefit of high durability, updated technology, absolute comfort of usage, high-quality materials and finishes, an excellent customer care service and an optimal quality/price ratio.

In terms of small steam vacuum cleaners, you will first have to take into consideration the versatility of the product and its simplicity in terms of usage. Practical and easy to maintain, all small steam vacuum cleaners by Ro.Bia.Plast are designed with the sole goal of guaranteeing a perfect solution for any cleaning requirement.

Small steam vacuum cleaners: two models by Ro.Bia.Plast

Let’s find out more about the various models.

  1. Small steam vacuum cleaner: Brillo-Vap | This small-sized, portable steam cleaner is the perfect product to clean and freshen up your home. It is especially efficient in the deep cleaning of hard floors, tiles, windows and carpets and is ideal against persistent dirt on ovens and cooker rings. Ecological and easy to use, Brillo-Vap doesn’t need any soap or detergent. It respects the environment and enables real energy savings. This product is also extremely innovative, as it is completely free of electrical commands on the handle and, once disconnected from the socket, it can still be used for another three minutes to clean even the most persistent dirt in the most hidden corners.
  2. Small steam vacuum cleaner: Multi Energy Vap | This powerful machine is perfect to sanitize and clean every environment. Portable and easy to handle, this multipurpose equipment offers a stainless-steel boiler, operates at a high temperature and high pressure and is extremely compact. The degreasing power of the steam can dissolve the dirt and eliminate any dust and bacteria. It is important to point out that Multi Energy Vap can be easily transformed into a professional ironing machine, guaranteeing maximum performance in a compact size. It is equipped with an iron stand mat for a comfortable repositioning of the iron, during the usage. The steam pressure reaches up to 5 bar, in order to offer professional results in terms of cleaning.

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