Steam cleaning equipment manufacturers

In the research of the best steam cleaning equipment manufacturers, Ro.Bia.Plast stands out for the quality of its solutions and for a company philosophy entirely built on excellence.

Ro.Bia.Plasts’ excellence unties itself in a synergistic way starting from the preliminary design phases, when the producers of raw materials are accurately selected in order to guarantee a neat result; it then proceeds in the design and planning phase of steam cleaning equipment; it reconfirms itself in the making of the products and ends in the conclusive phases of distribution and after-sales assistance.

Anyone who wishes to establish a partnership with the best steam cleaning equipment manufacturers, is aware that the level of excellence promoted by Ro.Bia.Plast is constant and that it is the result of an experience in the field that has been going on for 40 years.

To this day, Ro.Bia.Plast’s solutions in the field of steam cleaning equipment represent the best proposals on the market, and not without reason they are exported successfully beyond national borders.

It is also necessary to know that Ro.Bia.Plast puts constant effort in the field of Research and Development in order to guarantee a continuous innovation and evolution of its own products. The careful study of new solutions for cleaning is particularly oriented to the so-called “ecological cleaning”, without the use of detergents, and is directed exclusively to the use of water combined with the degreasing and disinfectant strength of steam. A strongly ecological and environmentally sustainable mark which represents a further advantage for Ro.Bia.Plast, which is placed in the high segment of steam cleaning equipment manufacturers.

Steam cleaning equipment manufacturers: Ro.Bia.Plast’s solutions

In terms of steam cleaning equipment, Ro.Bia.Plast’s solutions are different, and each detailed information about this can be easily traced by directly contacting the company, which is always available to its interlocutors to offer customized assistance for every need.

However, it is worth to focus more in detail on two Ro.Bia.Plast’s products dedicated to steam cleaning: Vapor e Sagittarius.

  • VAPOR is the continuous functioning steam generator devised for the cleaning and hygiene of every domestic place. It is characterized by a continuous filling system that allows a fundamentally limitless work autonomy. Incredibly versatile and resulting from an accurate study in terms of design and technology, Vapor is also an iron of a professional kind. The water heater in inox iron guarantees a continuous functioning in complete safety even at high temperatures and high pressure, while the innovative design is particularly visible in the convenient and practical accessory compartment. The possibility of continuous and safe refilling of the water tank is only one of the numerous advantages that distinguish this solution for steam cleaning.
  • SAGITTARIUS offers six different functions in one device: dry vacuum cleaner, wet vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, steam cleaner with intake, blower and iron. Despite the project complexity, this product is extremely easy to use thanks to the electrical commands for steam and intake placed on the handle. It represents the top-of-the-level in the field of steam cleaning of any type of environment, and thanks to its wide tank, it can intake up to 8 liters of water. A detail not to be overlooked, Sagittarius is an ecological system thanks to its new water filter which traps dirt and eliminated dust, mites and pollen without the need of the classical bag.

In order to understand the absolute value represented by Ro.Bia.Plast in the field of steam cleaning manufacturers, we encourage you to take a careful look at its product lines or directly contact the company.