Vacuum cleaners manufacturers

Ro.Bia.Plast has been a leading vacuum cleaners manufacturer for home or small offices for over 40 years. We are a benchmark in small electrical household appliances, made with the finest materials and technologies, exclusively made in Italy.

We are the top manufacturers and have a significant know-how in the field of manufacturing and realization. Among our varied product lines there are multifunctional vacuum cleaners, which can be converted into wet vacuum cleaners or blowers for different uses at home.

Our company stands out on the market as it customizes all products, which will be truly unique and exclusive. We offer a wide range of services to our customers, including resellers and wholesalers who offer our exclusive items on the market. Our professionals are particularly attentive to the customizations of vacuum cleaners and irons: our products will be truly unique in terms of colours, performances and accessories.

Ro.Bia.Plast manufactures vacuum cleaners, we work as main characters and we sell directly with the customer’s brand: if you are a supplier or wholesaler you can rely on our professionalism to give you really unique and exclusive items.

Our efficient machines are appreciated for their affordable prices, small size and high functionality: we are your vacuum cleaner manufacturers, rely on our professionalism and experience for any need.

Vacuum cleaners manufacturers: our models at your disposal

Ro.Bia.Plast is a point of reference in the realization and manufacture of vacuum cleaners. We are one of the leading manufacturers in Italy and we export our solutions all over the world, guaranteeing extremely efficient, practical and comfortable items, especially appreciated for being totally made in Italy. Our vacuum cleaner company offers different models including:

  • Dry, a traditional vacuum cleaner which can be turned into a blower: two functions in one with few quick and easy movements. The vacuum cleaner with bag has a triple filtration system: a bag and two filters in series. The bag can be easily cleaned and the filters can be replaced as quickly as possible. This machine can also be used to inflate balloons and canoes or to blow dust at home or at the office.
  • Calesse. Ro.Bia.Plast has designed and produced this exclusive vacuum cleaner model, a real reference point in the field considering its threefold function: wet vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, blower. This machine is a water filter vacuum cleaner thanks to a precise filtration system, or it can work in a traditional manner with the triple filter system typical of Dry. The wet vacuum cleaner has a float and works with special spatulas.

Ro.Bia.Plast is a well-known manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, particularly appreciated on the international market for its made in Italy products. We are wholesale suppliers, successful and top level manufacturers of vacuum cleaners of the latest generation, providing maximum convenience and comfort to those who use them. Contact us for more information and a free quote without obligation: our experts will be at your disposal.


Vacuum cleaner wholesale supplier: why choose Ro.Bia.Plast

Ro.Bia.Plast is considered among the best vacuum cleaner wholesale suppliers and the company’s international prestige is the result of its long and multifaceted experience in the industry of household appliances.

As a vacuum cleaner wholesale supplier, Ro.Bia.Plast guarantees the export of its solutions and products in every corner of the world, offering an efficient, up-to-date service to all its clients.

Another plus that makes Ro.Bia.Plast the most reliable vacuum cleaner wholesale supplier resides in the high quality of its products, completely designed and manufactured in Italy and the result of the typical Italian excellence in all manufacturing fields.

Other characteristics that put Ro.Bia.Plast on top of international vacuum cleaner wholesale suppliers include:

  • Wide range of products and solutions
  • High-quality materials and finishes
  • Product durability
  • Up-to-date technology
  • Maximum dedication to Research and Development
  • Absolute comfort of usage
  • Optimal quality/price ratio