Vacuum cleaners manufacturers

Are you looking for an experienced manufacturer of vacuum cleaners who can satisfy your need of a customised product branded according to your specific needs?

Ro.Bia.Plast is the benchmark to meet every single need: for over 40 years, we have been one of the main manufacturers of vacuum cleaners designed to clean houses, offices or premises open to the public. We use only the best materials and the latest generation technology, all made exclusively in Italy. We export our solutions all over the world, appreciated for their high efficiency and functionality.

We are excellent and experienced manufacturers of vacuum cleaners. Among our varied product lines there are multifunctional vacuum cleaners, which can convert into wet vacuum cleaners or blowers.

We customise all the products for our customers, including retailers and wholesalers who will be able to enter the market with exclusive items: the products will be truly unique in terms of colours, performance and accessories.

Vacuum cleaners manufacturers: a wide range of products

Ro.Bia.Plast is a reference point in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners. Our company offers different models:

  • Dry, a conventional vacuum cleaner that can convert into a blower. This vacuum cleaner with bag uses a triple filtration system: a bag and two filters in series. It can be used to inflate balloons and dinghies or to blow dust anywhere.
  • Calesse, an exclusive vacuum cleaner model with its triple function: wet vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner, blower. Water vacuum cleaner with triple filtration system, equipped with a float and working with special spatulas.

Ro.Bia.Plast is a well-known manufacturer of vacuum cleaners, a totally made in Italy excellence. We are wholesale suppliers, we realise vacuum cleaners of the latest generation for every need. Contact us for more information and a free quote without obligation: our experts will be at your disposal.