Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners: Calesse

In the vacuum cleaner version you can choose the vacuum method you prefer: innovative water filtration system or the traditional method using paper bags with a triple filtration system.

In wet vacuum cleaner mode you can vacuum liquids with a specific brush or unblock sinks. Thanks to its vast range, it can vacuum up to 8 l. of water. Equipped with a safety float that stops liquid suction once the tank is full. The tank can be removed from the appliance to enable easy cleaning.

Ecological: the new water filter traps dirt, eliminates dust, dust mites and pollen without using a bag.

The blower function allows you to easily blow up balloons, life jackets or inflatable dinghies; it is also useful to blow away dust from difficult to reach corners, such as radiators or hi-fi systems or blow away leaves. With a specific nebuliser accessory, which can be adjusted and orientated, you can spray delicate flowers.

Adding just a few drops of essence to the water or a stick-deodorant in the blower plug, scents and creates a pleasant aroma in the entire surroundings.


Technical details

  • Wet vacuum cleaner with water filter
  • Vacuum cleaner with paper bags and triple filtration system
  • Blower Function
  • Collection tank capacity (8 litres)
  • Appliance ON/OFF lighting key
  • Power: 1000w
  • Power supply: 230V-50Hz
  • Product weight: 5.6 kg

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