Dust mites and allergies

Dust mites and allergies

Dust mites are probably among the first animals to have colonized the land, the first fossil found dates back to 290 million years ago.

These are small organisms that have a particular fondness for warm and humid places and feed on microscopic secretion of our skin.

Many species of mites are cause for strong man allergies (asthma and colds), they feed on human dandruff and dust settling in mattresses, carpets or rugs.

What is the solution? Eliminate or try to restrict the presence of dust mites in the home environments. Dust mites do not survive high temperatures and then to steam: this is why Brillo-Vap, Multi Energy Vap and Vapor are the best allies against these organisms.

Steam cleaning not only allows us to permanently remove dust mites but also to prevent allergies.

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